January 28, 2013

Rugby RL. The End...

I'm not sure as what to say or what to think about this.
One thing for sure, it that there's a lot of people out there lamenting Ralph Lauren's decision to shut down production of their Rugby Brand.
I have strong sentimental attachment to this brand. I have an emotional connection to it as well. Rugby was my identity to-go brand, and it was very much who I was. Not the way many people would thing. I know there's those that thing that preppy is just for the rich, americana, just for those that attended Ivy League schools. Preppy Is and Was a fashion statement and a movement that to this moment reflects strongly in many people. Ralph Lauren's flagships to me is the one that put on the front page World-Wide. Therefore, after my discovery of the cinematic, wonderland store-like "Rugby in NYC; I also started to wonder more at the RL stores and It also made me appreciate Ralph Lauren Corporation as a whole even more for their creative and artistic approach to this brand. Every time I walked in to a Rugby store it was like Magic. It was a feeling of pure happiness that is hard to explain. Those stores full of colors, old schools artifacts, bow-ties, skulls and bones pillows, leather faded coachs, velvet slippers... I mean WOW. I now a lot of people think that it was wayyyy over the top. But, Isn't this what being preppy is about? About being bold, eccentric and Yes "Wayyy Over the Top".
Rugby is gone, and while it's gone, It also brought back the preppy Ivy style to the top and created a unique image for itself that will be hardly replaced by anyone.